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Our dentist can quickly produce a digital 3D map of your teeth using iTero scanning technology, which you can examine in real time.

What are iTero scans used for?

iTero scanners may be utilized for more restorative procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges in addition to the popular Invisalign tooth straightening procedure. With iTero scans, you may avoid using conventional techniques like taking impressions, spend less time in the dental chair, and have a more pleasant treatment.

With the use of an advanced 3D scanning camera, the iTero Digital Scanner can swiftly and comfortably take 3D digital pictures of your mouth. The scanner, which resembles a little wand, is pushed within your mouth to take pictures of your teeth and oral cavity.

Is the iTero scanner safe?

Indeed, the iTero ElementTM scanners offer comfort, accuracy, and safety. The wand hovers over your teeth to take a multimodal image of your dental structure without causing you any discomfort. Patients who are pregnant can safely use it because it doesn’t utilize radiation.

If you’re still debating whether or not to get Invisalign braces, you may virtually see how your smile will look before you begin treatment. Indeed, you may have unique retainers manufactured provided the outcomes meet your needs.

Does iTero use radiation?

Not at all. Radiation of any type is not used by iTero scanners. Use of it during pregnancy is safe. Its patient-centered design eliminates the inconvenience of clumsy putty impressions and offers quick, reliable outcomes.

There is no radiation involved while using the scanner to generate an image of your teeth and mouth; it employs laser imaging.

What happens during an iTero scan?

Your dentist will take over 6,000 pictures of your teeth and gums each second with an iTero “wand,” a tiny, portable scanner. Breathing through the wand won’t be too difficult for you because it’s really painless.

Certain scans can be completed in as little as 60 seconds, allowing for the instant generation of the 3D model. You’ll immediately see a thorough scan of your oral cavity.

With the ability to capture detailed photos of the whole dental system, including the root structures and jaw beneath the surface of your teeth and gums, iTero scanners are also more accurate than traditional dental impressions created with putty.

This makes it possible for your orthodontist to plan your treatment more quickly and efficiently, enabling you to start your Invisalign treatment as soon as possible and get closer to having straight teeth!

Benefits of iTero

  1. Taking impressions is much more comfortable for our patients – no more gagging!
  2. No need for messy impressions
  3. It is much quicker to manufacture the dental devices being measured for
  4. Faster treatment planning
  5. More cost-effective process as the results are more accurate
  6. The end performance of any resulting crowns, veneers or aligners being fitted is much improved due to the image taken being much more accurate​
  7. The software makes it easy for patients to visualize your new smile
  8. Minimally invasive with no mess or hassle as it bypasses the need for trays and plaster
  9. Quick and simple process
  10. Low rejection rate

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